About us...

It all started last year 2019 finding a litter of 6 hoglets starving and wandering around our garden. Very underweight, hungry, and roaming as the mother was no were to be seen. So taking them in and looking after them was a fantastic undertaking. I have for many years put food out for them but this was my chance to really get stuck in and help and learn so much.

With the six in tow, we built a 4 hog house unit with a lift up top for easy cleaning and CCTV coverage. We both then set to work on converting the interior on one of our 6 by 8 foot sheds to look after many more, now with winter approaching and hibernation starting to take place, it was perfect for them. 2020 arrived with a big bang of babies and we soon became overrun. Our new shed was ordered and as lockdown came in we had to make do in my husband's office until such time.  Once our New Large shed was built it allowed us to be better equipped to help with another level of Animal welfare.

We are on the BHPS (British Hedgehog Preservation Society) carers list.