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How we do things...

Once a hedgehog has been brought to us, we will start the triage assessment.

Once we have finished assessing we will then start relevant treatment and care. It's very important to us that the hedgehogs leave the correct weight (so they are able to survive in the wild) and are illness/injury-free. We have a vet regularly checking in and assisting on any relevant treatments.

We then microchip them, giving us the ability to see if a hedgehog comes back to us. It also gives us a map of where they are released.

We then release the hedgehog back where it was found. If that's not suitable we have a list of designated release sites we use instead. These sites are carefully chosen for the hedgehog's well-being and safety.

The process from when the hedgehogs come into use, to when they leave, can be anything from an hour to a whole year.

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