​Volunteers are a very important part of our operation. All of our time is given free but in order to carry out the work, we do we also rely on the help of the wonderful people who help us in many ways.


Fostering Carers

At times we can reach capacity in the rescue unit. Some hedgehogs may be now well and off medication and are simply continuing to be with us until they are a suitable weight.

Our Foster Carers help us out by looking after one or more of the healthy hedgehogs at their home, providing suitable accommodation and food until release weight is reached.

Late in the year, this can involve 'overwintering' a hedgehog until spring.

You would need a quiet area away from human disturbance and activity with a hutch suitable for the hedgehog. The hutch would need to be cleaned daily and water and food provided daily. The hedgehog would need to be weighed regularly to monitor its weight ready for release.


Hoglet Nanies

We have two main periods a year when we sadly have to hand raise orphaned hoglets. This takes a lot of time as the hoglets have to be fed and toileted every couple of hours.

Due to work commitments, this can at times cause us problems, early morning and evening feeding isn't an issue but there can be weekday day times when we need help.

Our hoglet nannies take over the feeding and toileting during the working day. This would ideally suit someone retired who is able to commit during the day.

We will give full training and support on how to handle, monitor, feed, and toilet the hoglets. It is a responsibility to take care of such precious little animals however the rewards are great when you see them grow into healthy adult hedgehogs. The intensive feeding is normally for only a couple of weeks until they are weaned and able to feed less often and finally on their own.


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